7 Money-Saving Steps for Teens

Start saving young for your dreams - car, college, travel. Learn money's value, build lifelong habits. Never too late to begin.

Start saving now with a no-fee, high-interest savings account. Parents can help if you're under 18. Consider online options for better rates.

Start by opening a savings account

Use your savings account actively: automate savings, earn interest, and deposit regularly to make the most of it. Don't forget about it!

Then, use that savings account

Get creative & earn money with Etsy and Depop. Summer jobs also help you earn and save. Start earning to start saving

Start earning to start saving

Set specific, measurable savings goals to make achieving them feel more attainable. Break large amounts into smaller monthly or weekly targets.

Set a goal for yourself

Knowing your savings goal helps create a prioritized budget, preparing you for future financial responsibilities.

Make a budget

Sticking to the budget is challenging at any age. Don't skip savings; it's crucial for financial security in the long run.

And stick to the budget

Use apps to track money and goals on your phone. Try Mint for budgeting and Tip Yourself to save by giving rewards to your savings account.

Use an app if you need to

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