How To Save On Hotel Rooms

From hotel discounts to savvy loyalty programs, finding travel deals and budget accommodations doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming. Going to new places and experiencing new adventures can be accessible to everyone. 

Although accommodations are usually one of the most significant expenditures while traveling, there are a few ways you save on your next hotel room. So, whether you’re traveling on a budget or planning to use the extra money saved for an excursion, these tips will help keep your travel costs low!

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Use The Right Credit Cards

Credit cards can benefit those looking to save on travel and snag exclusive deals when used correctly. Many credit card programs cater their perks to travelers. Many programs offer large signup bonuses, exclusive hotel discounts, and other travel deals to ensure you always get the best rate when planning your next getaway. 

One of the key factors to remember is that every travel credit card is different, which means the savings they offer, such as hotel discounts, vary based on the credit card company and program you choose. Be sure to research some of the most widely regarded programs to find one that matches your needs – flexibility, access to luxury travel, or something entirely different. 

Join A Hotel Loyalty Program

Like travel credit cards, signing up for a hotel loyalty program or credit card is another strategy for securing budget accommodations and hotel perks. Today’s hotel chains, large and small, want to retain your business. Therefore, they create loyalty programs to incentivize you to keep choosing their locations. 

While they keep your business from their competitors, they also offer discounts on rooms, upgrades, and other perks to show their gratitude – it’s a win-win situation. Before choosing a loyalty program, research the benefits offered by the hotel and ensure they have locations in your desired destinations.

Popular hotel loyalty programs include World of Hyatt, Marriot Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and Choice Privileges®.

Book With The Hotel Directly

While many sites offer booking and travel deals, sometimes it’s best to book directly with your desired hotel. Websites that aggregate travel deals and discounts often add commissions and other fees, adding to your total accommodations budget. 

When contacting the hotel to make a reservation, mention whether you noticed a lower price on a third-party booking site. The hotel may honor that price or offer compensation to make up for the difference, such as room upgrades or future savings. 

Be As Flexible As Possible 

Believe it or not, the dates you choose for your travels play a significant role in your overall budget – this is especially true for flights and hotels. Traveling during quiet seasons or “off” days can help you snag deep hotel discounts while keeping your overall travel budget low. 

If your accommodations are costing more than expected, try shifting your weekend stay to the middle of the week, or consider traveling to a destination during a different month. These “slow” seasons are different throughout locations worldwide, so be sure to do a little research to help you determine when you’ll find the best deal. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding budget accommodations and travel deals is possible, especially when you know the most successful tips and tricks for keeping travel costs low. There are various ways to find hotel discounts, and these tips will ensure your next trip is memorable without breaking the bank.